Quick Hair Styling Tips

Change the part from one side to the other or make your part a zigzag. It’s simple and easy.
Apply pomade for body and shine.

Twirl the hair around a pencil and apply heat for a few seconds.

Add braids.
Create half up do’s or full up do’s and add hair accessories.
Flip up the ends, turn the ends under or square them off with a flat iron.
Create a retro look with pin curls.
Apply a texturizing crème by raking your fingers through your hair as you blow dry. This will create a messy ‘second-day’ look.
Tuck the hair behind the ears or pull it forward for an easy change.
Set the hair in self-adhering rollers after blow drying it.
Scrunch the hair using a finishing spray.

Mix up sizes of sponge rollers to create less uniform curls.

Use a silicone spray to change the texture.

Add curls with a curling iron.

Haircuts and Styling